Good News Productions International

October 24, 2022

Mike Schrage:  Hi friends at Crossroads Christian Church. Mike Schrage here in Joplin, Missouri with GNPI (Good News Productions International), one of your mission partners. You guys are fabulous friends and fabulous supporters, and I just want to tell you that for the 34 years you have supported us, you have invested in this global ministry to the tune of $546,000. Yes, over a half a million dollars. What it has gotten you: over 24 production teams in 16 countries, producing well over 2000 pieces of media in all kinds of languages, and for all kinds of cultures around the world.

Could I give you just an example in the country of Myanmar, not really in the news, but they've been having a civil war there for a year. We have some very courageous people working there, actually building a second studio as I speak. But one of the things they're doing in their current studios, bringing in both preachers and new first generation Christians and taking their testimonies.

Well, you'd guess it that this technology recorded in that studio of just those simple testimonies during a war-torn, conflicted time in people's lives there, when they're saying: Where's God? Does he hear my prayers? Can he be powerful enough to answer and to protect my family? They are very interested in these testimonies, so much so that we've heard they've gone from 10,000 views to 80,000 views. You're bringing hope to the war-torn country of Myanmar.

So please pray for countries like Myanmar, neighboring Ukraine as well, needs your peace and prayers.

But from all of us at GNPI and those teams around the world, thank you. Thank you, Crossroads Christian Church for what you're doing to make a difference and to give hope to those people far, far away from us. God bless you.